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How to prevent false alarms

False alarm prevention

For Motion Detection alerts:

Heating Vents, ACs, Lamps, Direct sunlight, or any significant changes in temperature within the sensor’s range may cause false alarms.

If you're getting alerts even though there's no movement around your motion sensor, it is likely that significant enough changes in temperature within your sensor's range is what's causing the problem. We need to look out for slight wind drafts from open windows, vents, heaters around your sensor, and other similar factors.

Pets - Kangaroo sensors have a built-in pet rejection for pets up to 2’ 4” (0.7m) tall. If your pet is taller than that, you can adjust the mounting height of your sensor.

For Entry Detection alerts:

False alarm for door entry usually happens when the magnet and sensor are not within the required distance. It should be within 20mm or not more than 3/4 of an inch.

Do you have a sliding door? A double door? Or maybe a window with a fancy frame? If so, please check out other sample set-ups here:

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