How and where do I mount my sensor?

Your Motion Sensor detects up to 15' across a 120-degree angle from left to right, and 90 degrees up and down. In other words, one sensor can usually secure one average-sized room.


The app will guide you through a step-by-step, visual mounting guide.

Do place it facing high-traffic pathways from possible entry points.

Do Not place it near or facing things that change temperature, as this can be detected and trigger a false alarm (heating vents, WiFi routers, air conditioners, etc.)

Do Not place it facing windows or glass doors, as it can detect motion happening outside and trigger a false alarm.


Sensors should be mounted on surfaces perpendicular to entryways, so walls facing doorways are a great example.


If you don't have a pet, then mount your sensor between 5'3" and 6'6".


The app will help you set up the sensor to best avoid false alarms due to pets. Make sure to mount the sensor dome-side up, as shown in the graphic below, and mount it between 2'4 and 4'7. You can read more about Pet Parents and the Motion Sensor here.


You have two options for mounting:


Peel the protective strip off of the adhesive on the back of the sensor. Place it with a light touch onto the wall, make sure it is in the position you want, then press and push the Motion Sensor very firmly into place for 20 seconds.


Each sensor also comes with screws. If you'd prefer this method, follow the steps in the pictures below: